Thursday, 5 March 2015

EDL Decides Not to March in Brighton After All

Fascists Promise to Take Their Poisonous Hatred to Oxford

EDL Retreat Before the Battle!

Brighton's miserable EDL contingent

Only Sussex Friends of Israel seemed to love MFE/EDL

EDL Surrender Notice

Every inch was a struggle
On April 22nd 2012 a group called March for England, which contained a mixture of EDL, Infidels, Casuals and Gullibles, staged another of their St. George Day’s marches.  What happened was a mass mobilisation by the local Anti-Fascist Network and a spontaneous revulsion by local people on the day.  I did a report EDL/MFE - We Won the Day which has a very interesting video of the day on it.
Barely enough room for the protesters in 2012
Ring of  police protect MFE

Clearly they don't appreciate irony
Little did they know what was in store
The result was that the Police’s attempt to march MFE through the town was halted after barely a quarter of a mile as the fascists were shunted down a side street and given a ring of protection by the Police at their meeting point before being bundled off on the train.  Since then MFE have been given lousy sea-front routes, where their only audience were anti-fascists or the seagulls.  This year they called it a day and in their place the English Defence League announced a march.  Now the EDL have had second thoughts and decided that cowardice is the better part of valour!
A pictorial description of MFE's humiliation
Pushed down Church Street the fascists lost their appetite for the Brighton air
Church Street
Another local victory over fascism!

Tony Greenstein

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