Monday, 4 August 2014

Simon Cobbs, Chair of Sussex Friends of Israel, demonstrates alongside the EDL in Manchester

A Natural Alliance - Zionists and Fascists Demonstrate Together

You couldn’t make it up.  There is Simon Cobbs, along with the EDL and Beitar (an openly fascist Zionist group) shouting ‘racist’ at demonstrators opposing Kedem, a store claiming to be British but stocking goods sourced in the occupied territories of Palestine.

The fact that many in the EDL are holocaust deniers is irrelevant, given that the true Zionist attitude to the holocaust was that the Jews of Europe were responsible for their own demise (for not emigrating to Jewish  Palestine   or resisting).  In Israel, opponents of an anti-war demonstration wore symbols that Europea neo-Nazis wear on demonstrations.  
Below is a video of Cobbs and the rest of the unsavoury company.

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