Thursday, 31 July 2014

Gaza War Tourism

Keren Levy: I'm a little bit fascist

‘Yes I think they should just clear off all the cities, yes take it off the ground, yes I’m a little bit fascist.'   This is the atmosphere in Israel today.  Imagine - well heeled Israelis, drinking  coffees and iced drinks, bringing sofas and popcorn so they can watch in real time the bombing of Palestinian homes, schools, hospitals by the Israeli Army who blame it on Hamas.

It's only a pity they are too far away to see the children's burnt faces or the blood that is pouring from their wounds, but that would no doubt only excite and inflame these beasts even more.
It's thirsty work watching Palestinians being murdered
The only comparison I can reach for is when the Hitler Youth invaded the Warsaw ghetto to rejoice over the plight of the population and shot at anyone they could randomly  ‘just for a game.’  Meanwhile the liars of the BBC and Fox News insist on presenting what is happening as the self-defence of Israel.

Tony Greenstein

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