24 January 2014

The Most Obnoxious Participant in the Demonstrations Against Sodastream

An Odball Named Shaike Rozanski
His name is shaike Rozanski although at first I though he was referred to as ‘shaker’ on account of his unusual mannerisms. His appalling behaviour, although no doubt typical of the average Israeli settler (note – not the average Israeli) even casts the JDL’s Simon Cobb's in a (relatively) good light.
Shaiker in the middle is obsessed with Omar Barghouti - his favourite theme (when not attacking Jewish anti-Zionists)           is 'what about Syria' etc.

Knowing that I am ill he openly hopes I will dies because no one will miss me! He refers to people as ‘dogs’ and calls them Kapos. After a little of this I riposted back that he was a typical Jewish Nazi.

Passer by reads our leaflet - we distribute about 800 per week -  the Zionists only abuse 

Shaike is Managing Director at ICTS (UK/IRELAND) LTD, which is a very large international airport security company Brighton, United Kingdom Aviation & 
Carrying the message each week
Fuhrer Cobbs seems thoroughly fedup
Aerospace, although find it hard to imagine him at work! Or anyone to work with. 

His company will do doubt be very pleased to see above video & have their name connected to such a person & behaviour. If anyone is on Linkedin, here is ICTS site


His profile is at and despite coming to these shores, he also seems to spend a lot of time belittling the UK to camera although it's been a while now.

This is another video of him outside the Bethlehem Unwrapped simulation of the apartheid wall in London.

I have personally made a complaint about him to the Police about calling me a ‘kapos’ which he openly admitted even though Cobbs made a complaint against me for the same reason. The Kapos were concentration camp inmates who were forced to work with the Nazis. After 3 months they were shot and another group selected. They had no choice in what they did and at Auschwitz, Treblinka and Sobibor they helped initiate the revolts that led to the escape of hundreds and the destruction of one gas/crematorium at Auschwitz.

What is far worse was the open collaboration between the Nazis and Zionists and the fact that the Zionists actually welcomed the Nazis to power – see their letter in Lucy Dawidowic’s War Against the Jews

The Zionist Odball, Shaiker, is spoken to by the  Police, after a complaint was made by me of the use of the term 'kapos', especially when the Zionists were the ones who collaborated with the Nazis and blocked both information about the Holocaust when it happened and attempts by Jews to gain refuge  anywhere but Palestine.

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