Friday, 24 May 2013

Photographer Hit by Steel Bullets 4 Times at Silwan

Turning the other cheek?

This video was made yesterday by Tommy Donnellan. Tommy had only a camera in his hands and was deliberately targeted by the IDF, this is evident from the pictures,  and hit 4 times by steel bullets.  The bullets are euphemistically called "rubber bullets"  are in fact steel bullets with a paper thin coat of rubber.  

The damage to Tommys leg is clear from the video.  The very very brave soldiers, covered head to toe with bullet proof underclothing were firing these bullets at the stone throwing children.

Please circulate widely to demonstrate to people how democratic rights are implemented in the occupied territories.


  1. Tony

    I thought you had closed down?

  2. Anonymous said... "Tony, I thought you had closed down?"

    Shocking, isn't it? Not only hasn't he "closed down" he's still putting his name on his posts!

    I don't wonder you're incensed, Anonymous. Courage is always irritating to cowards.

  3. Anon
    No it was just a game, tony thought that thousands are going to screem PLEASE DON'T
    but look for yourself.
    Five or six mentioned something.
    Well just shows that if he continues or stops, his Ego is DEAD.


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