Friday, 15 February 2013

Not a Jewish but a Zionist ‘joke’

Professor Ezra Elias.  of the Technion – a Distinguished Academic Racist

Sue Blackwell sent me this missive.  She received the following ‘joke’ e-mail originating from the Technion and when she had tracked down the source, wrote to Prof. Elias explaining his racism.  Unsurprisingly the racist prof. has not answered.

Date: 1/12/2013 4:54:24 PM
Subject: England schools today

Registry on the first day back at school in Birmingham , ENGLAND .

The teacher begins calling out the names of the pupils:-

"Mustafa Al Eih Zeri?" "Here"

"Achmed El Kabul?" "Here"

"Fatima Al Hayek? " "Here"

"Ali Abdul Olmi?" "Here"

"Mohammed Bin Kadir?" "Here"

"Ali Son Al En" - silence in the classroom.  "Ali Son Al En" - continued

silence as everyone looked around the room.

The teacher repeats the call:  "Ali Son Al En."

A girl stands up and says timidly: "Sorry, teacher. I think that might be me.

But it's pronounced Alison Allen."

Before she had identified Prof.  Ezra Elias, he wrote:

Dear Israeli academic,

As someone who lives in Birmingham and sent my mixed-race daughter to school here, I would like you to know that:

1.    Your "joke" is racist.
2.    It is not funny.
3.    Birmingham teachers are quite capable of pronouncing the names of ALL their students, whatever background they come from.
4.    Most people who live in Birmingham don't have a problem with living among people from different ethnic or religious groups than themselves.
5.    If an academic at a Birmingham university had sent that "joke" round from their university e-mail account, they would quite rightly be facing a disciplinary investigation for breaching the university's equal opportunities policy.  But I don't suppose that applies in Israel. 

with best wishes,
Dr. Susan Blackwell


  1. that's horrible, why don't you call him and ask him +972-77-887 3263
    I think he should be charged for murder

  2. It's a typical Israeli trope with respect to 'UK/Europe = Eurabia'.

    Idiots like Daniel Marks invoke it frequently on Millett's sewers. I suppose it's used to try and scare European Jews into making Aliya.

  3. Oh my god CHILL!!
    I found it to be a funny joke. Why is it racist???

    I don't believe anyone is actually offended. I think the people who are offended have probably laughed at these sort of jokes many times but decided to get offended this time because it's an Israeli - which makes THEM the bigots!

  4. It is extremely offensive because God forbid anyone else says something politically incorrect but the Zionists and jews can say what they want? You can be labeled anti smemetic for questioning the human rights violations in Israel and that is ridiculous.People are thrown in jail for questioning the holocaust? Why? People always question major events but why is this one a crime. Some historians wonder why we never question the Jewish communism in Russia during the Bolshevik revolution where millions of Christians were murdered. Things cant continue one sided like this. People can see that they are being take advantage of.


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