Sunday, 28 October 2012

Israel, Jimmy Savile and the Independent

Was Savile a Zionist
I had a weird message earlier today on the Argus blog from Harvey Garfield, Hoffman’s uglier twin (yes it is possible) and also a somewhat less eloquent(!) but equally viperous soul, asking me to dissociate myself from a Scottish PSC article, which apparently linked Jimmy Savile and Israel together.

Garfield it was who was the 3rd person in the famous photo of Jonathan Hoffman dancing down the street with Robert Moore - neo-Nazi EDL member.   It is he on the right.

Having not seen the article it was a bit difficult to dissociate myself from it but I can’t imagine I would want to dissociate myself from anything Scottish PSC puts out on its excellent site as they have always been in the vanguard of anti-racism in Palestine 
solidarity circles.

Of course it would not surprise me that Savile was pro-Israeli.  His type usually is.  A reactionary buffoon as well as a rapist and child molester.  Strong?  Well states that shackle (Palestinian not Jewish of course) children, beat them up and torture them must prove very attractive to the likes of Saville.

But I remembered that I had a letter in the Independent today on much the same subject!  Jimmy Savile, the BBC and Israel – though it related to the way the BBC acted as it was above the law – whether in relation to Jimmy Saville or Israel.


  1. Spellcheck: Jimmy Savile

    Ian Saville, the socialist magician, has asked for this to be pointed out, for some reason.

  2. Savile, not Saville, as Ian Saville, the socialist magician, pointed out, for some reason.

  3. Great letter Tony. One criticism. The letter says that "the BBC’s coverage became overtly pro-Israeli." But we both know many Israelis who the BBC would not be pro, in fact some of our best friends are Israeli. I always go for pro-Israel or pro-zionist.

    1. Also the DEC appeal wasn't 2006 was it?

  4. You're right of course it was 2009 in response to the attack on Gaza not 2006 which was the attack on Lebanon - so many attacks. The product of a late night!

  5. People keep saying everyone had heard rumours about Jimmy Savile being whatever.

    It's a lie. I never heard such rumours in my life.

    Not sure if I think he did it or not.

  6. Details of the St John ambulance paedophiles and their paedophile protection network which stretches all the way to St John International head office in London, are here:


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