23 May 2012

Picketing Israels Fascist Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in Hendon Last Night

 In the Belly of the Beast with Mad, Brainwashed, Zionist Crazies

Last night I heeded the call put out in the previous 24 hours to join the picket of Israel’s Fascist Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman at the Pillar Hotel in Hendon.  I got there about 6.30 to find there was a largeish Zionist counter-demonstration of mainly religious Zionist and Likud supporters, with the odd member/supporter of the Jewish Nazi Kach Party and Community Security Trust present.  Bushes and Police separated them from about 60-70 supporters of the Palestinians who, as the night wore on were outnumbered by about 3-1.

A hearty congratulation to all those, like Michael Shanahan and others who turned out.  When I knew it was in Hendon I knew it would be one of the more difficult protests and so it proved.    In fact it reminded me of the time that we were outnumbered by a similar margin in a demonstration against the National Front in Uckfield in the 1980’s.  Except that yesterday the atmosphere of threatened violence and attempts at intimidation were much greater.  These Zionists have such a lot in common with their EDL and BNP/NF friends.

It is to the credit of everyone present that there was such a vigorous protest, especially at such short notice.  I was approached, as was one other person, by a crazed rabbi who asked if I was Jewish and then if I’d had a Brit Millah (circumcision) to which I replied yes.  Apparently this was not good enough for the hairy bigot!  The counter-demonstrators, waving their Israeli and union flags were just about the most brainwashed kids there were.  At one point they started shouting ‘fascists off our streets’.  This from people who were supporting Avigdor Lieberman, the fascist foreign minister of Israel who only recently greeted the pro-Nazi Lithuanian Foreign Minister! http://www.azvsas.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/israel-welcomes-lithuanias-anti-semitic.html

At one point the Zionists sang ‘God Save the Queen’ and then started shouting at me as to why I hadn’t joined in.  I shouted back ‘because I’m a Republican’ to which they responded ‘have some respect for the country you live in’ – as if I was a stranger in Britain.  But then even the limited democracy of Britain passes them by.  But that of course is precisely the view of the Zionists.  Jews are strangers in another people’s land.

We saw a few of the Zionist luminaries, if that is the right word, including Jonathan Hoffman and Richard Millett.  I shouted myself hoarse as per usual, asking them where were their EDL friends today.  But of course there were plenty of Jewish fascists there so they didn’t need them.

It also has to be said that but for the Police, who were clearly being alienated by these rich, Zionist kids, then there would have clearly been blood on the streets from these lovers of peace who were shouting that they wanted peace whilst we wanted terror.  And then they went on to shout that there was no such thing as Palestinians, so its difficult to know who they intended to make peace with.  Or maybe they meant piece – as in pieces of other peoples’ lands.

PSC Executive I’m pleased to say were out in force – Ben and Sara and a new member whose name I forget!  And Jews 4 Boycotting Israeli Goods was there in force, as was Neturei Karta who were a particular object of hatred for the Zionists.  Indeed I would estimate that at least 20-25% of the counter-demonstration was Jewish, demonstrating again that Zionists may be in a majority but they no longer have a monopoly when it comes to speaking on behalf of Jewish people.

Towards the end, because we decided to stay till 8 pm, someone said how crazy it would be to hold a march here.  In fact that is exactly what we did.  We marched out of the area and surprisingly, given the Zionist strength, people in cars started honking us in support and there were quite a lot of sympathetic black youth around who clearly didn’t like the well-dressed Zionist thugs who parroted about racism when that was what they were defending.

Below I included a few reactions from people on the demonstration.

Tony Greenstein
I've put some photos up on the Palestine...
22 May 22:10
I've put some photos up on the Palestine Solidarity Campaign Facebook page too. It was a great turnout - thanks to everyone who came! There was a lot of racist abuse thrown at those defending Palestinian rights, but we had a great demo and made a strong presence!

Tonight was crazy!!! Zionist, young and old...
22 May 22:06
Tonight was crazy!!! Zionist, young and old were crazy angry, intent on causing harm! Thank god for the police, although Zionist should never have been allowed to be so close! Across the street was not safe!

22 May 22:04
The JDL and Kach supported the fascists. A JDL Kahanist flag was brought among the fascists, but they weren't keen to be exposed as associated with the Terrorist Organization Kach, which is listed among the "Foreign Terrorist Organizations" even by the USA - see at:

I have to say that bringing Union Jack flags...
23 May 10:31
I have to say that bringing Union Jack flags to a pro-Palestine demonstration, especially of the ilk of yesterday, was an astoundingly ill-thought plan. There may be some interesting narrative going on behind the scenes surrounding reclaiming the flag, but as it stands now, within the context of Palestine and protests, EDL springs to mind, as well as the Balfour Declaration! If there is a strong movement, and a very public one at that, in which we reclaim the flag, then yesterday's decision would have made sense. As it stands, it came across as extremely insensitive and very confusing.


  1. sorry you must be blind at least 80% of the counter was Jewish and Orthodox get your facts right!

  2. Hoffie and his faithful stenographer were there? I wonder what his report will be about...

    The only 'peace' these nutzies want is 'peace and quiet' to complete their religio-colonialist project.

  3. The only fact that is relevant fuckface is that you scum were shouting 'we want peace you want terror' when there were consistent physical threats including against a woman over 70 years old by a young harlot who said 'I want to punch you'.

    Strange that all these Zionist peaceniks are so violent when they get the chance. Perhaps that is why they never find a partner for peace!!

    Who cares what percentage of the counter demonstration was Orthodox or Jewish. Israel defines the religion today so what do u expect? Yours is a god of war but as usual you lose the propaganda war!!!

  4. tonyle you act again as an antisemite....
    you are losing it......

  5. I agree we should not use the Union Flag[ Union Jack] at pro-Palestinian demos. I am an anti-imperialist and don't feel comfortable with it. Indeed I believe Israel is very much a product of British imperialism.
    See Haringey Justice for Palestnians petition.


  6. "rich Zionist kids"

    Have you been rifling through their bank details to get that information?

  7. U r religious, remember your father what a nice learned man who till the day of his death cried at what happened to you. Remember your grandfather who got a blessing from a great great person so your mother could have your father at 52

    Your relations all live in israel - stop being so anti Jews remember you will rot in hell

  8. Tony swearing shows a sign of loosing

  9. Being accused of being anti-Semitic by Atzmon is almost a compliment. Atzmon himself of course wouldn't get his hands dirty in anything to do with BDS. His only concern is 'the ego' and, it has to be said, obtaining the grateful thanks of a few right-wing Palestinians who should know better.

    What is strange Atters old chap is that anyone is deceived by you any longer.

    You don't need to rifle through their bank details, I leave that to your friend Murdoch. Just the way they dress, talk, the cars they drove off in etc. Having this type of person mimic the language of anti-fascism is reminiscent of when the NF and also BNP used to try and steal the language of the Left in order to divide the working class.

    More to the point, a liberal Zionist blogger, has posted that racist comments were directed towards a Pakistani comrade: 'Go back to Pakistan Paki' and not only that, but he was standing next to Jonathan Hoffmann who didn't blink an eye. But what do u expect from someone who defends Lieberman, a man who only a week or so ago, was partying with Lithuania's neo-Nazi supporting Foreign Minister? http://hoffmanchronicled.wordpress.com/the-zionist-federationedl-alliance/#comment-86

    As a good Jewish atheist hell has no fears! Sure my dad was religious. I'm not. Get over it. This is a good example of the emotional blackmail that some Zionists use. They try to get to you via your family, but I'm immune to such tricks. Isaac Deutscher also had an Orthodox family. He became great when he abandoned god. Name me a single great orthodox person? The last one was Yeshayahu Leibowitz and he described Zionist settlers as 'Judeo-Nazis'.

    Nothing wrong with swearing. It's simply a means of expression. Or is it profane? Do tell.

  10. 'your friend murdoch'

    not only do you make sweeping judgements about peoples wealth based on their clothing, youre also a conspiracy nut

    Just because those on the pro-israel side of the debate choose not to dress like tramps does not necessarily mean they are 'rich kids'

    with people like you its no wonder the BDS movement has accomplished nothing over the past decade

  11. The comment by Azzaam Abdul-Hakeem is totally unrepresentative of the anti-Lieberman protest, which sought to draw attention to the racist policies the Israeli Foreign Minister promotes.

    There was no such chanting as people made their way to the station. If that was who the commenter was seeking to imitate, there is no place for him at PSC events.

    Ours is an anti-racist movement and such sentiments have no place in it. Sadly, as reported by a pro-Israel, anti-Lieberman blogger, the same cannot be said of Zionist Federation leader Jonathan Hoffman, who stood by as the person next to him abused a pro-Palestinian campaigner as a "Paki".

    Ben Soffa,

  12. "I would estimate that at least 20-25% of the counter-demonstration was Jewish"

    ...you mean the Neteuri Karta, don't you? The same Neteuri Karta who believe the creation of Israel is blasphemous as the Messiah hasn't arrived yet; however when he gets round to making an appearance the "Holy Land" will be a Jews-only paradise. This doesn't stop the NK living in Israel en masse, where their idea of expressing their religious views amounts to hurling abuse at young girls who don't cover themselves properly and throwing rocks at people who drive on the Sabbath!

    When will the so-called Palestinian Solidarity movement stop relying on these hateful religious fanatics to act as a smokescreen for PSC antisemitism?

    As for "rich Zionist kids" - yet another tired antisemitic trope. Worthy of Atzmon...

  13. The hateful religious fanatics are the ones who say flats and houses in Safed shouldn't be rented to Arabs and when the Chief Rabbi of Safed, Shmuel Eliyahu is upbraided (he is still paid by the state of Israel) hundreds of other rabbis rush to support him.

    Neturei Karta stand alone in not supporting his hatefulness, which according to the crazy logic of Zioniss means they are hateful unlike the peaceloving rabbis who write books like Torat HaMelech justifying the murder of non-Jewish babies.


    If I said all Jews were rich Zionist kids then that would be an anti-Semitic stereotype. I was talking about the Hitler youth type kids at Hendon. I don't for one moment believe they are typical of most Jews so bang goes your next theory.

    But what is it about Zionists that 'anti-semitism' is wrong but calling someone a 'Paki' or telling them to 'go back to Pakistan' standing alongside the chief bigot of all, Hoffman, is right?

    I think you'll find the protests in Jerusalem were carried out by the representatives of the Haredi, most of whom were not NK. There are relatively few NK in Israel for obvious reasons, so you are ignorant as well as a racist Mr Christ. I'm sure Jesus wouldn't approve of what u say being a Palestinian!

    But as the caricature racist 'Ali Baba' said 'we don't want to dress like tramps.' Ah I see not rich just not tramps. Pull the other one, it's got a mezuzah on it!!

    Atzmon has just denied he's Atzmon whilst leaving his usual signature so I've moderated i.e. deleted his comment incidentally.

  14. Eh? Why on earth are you calling me a racist? What part of my comment can possibly be called racism? My attack on the Neteuri karta? Are they a "race" now, rather than a politico-religious movement?

    I'd condem anyone calling someone a "Paki" or telling them to "go back to Pakistan". What's that got to do with anything in my comment?

    No defense of NK then nor any denial of my description of them, merely a comment that most of them don't live in Israel. Any comment about the many who do, and their repugnant behaviour there? Or do you only condemn the fanatics who aren't on your side? What do you think about their religious beliefs, particularly their belief that the Messiah will give them all Israel?

    "Hitler Youth types"??!? Fucking hell Tony, what on earth is the matter with you?

  15. Tonyle
    It must have been nice for you being back on familiar territory . Did you stop off for a salt beef sandwich with your handlers during your debriefing .

  16. But what I want to know is, who is 'tonyle'? I notice that someone keeps jumping on your site calling you 'tonyle' -- Is it a Yiddish, or a kabbalist reference? Am I the only one who is lost?

  17. Ah, you won't post my response - or answer it - just smear me as a "racist", without a shred of evidence. Truly pathetic.

  18. For the truth about the ZF/EDL alliance click here.


  19. Racism Mr Christ is about ignoring racism and making false accusations against others, in this case PSC. YOu don't seem to like a taste of your own medicine.

    Specifically attacking NK for the behaviour of all the ultra-orthodox inc. the Zionist Agudat in Jerusalem and ignoring the racism of Safed and Torat HaMelech is exactly that.

    NK don't have to be a race for you to be racist. The Jews aren't a race but the Nazis were still racist.

    NK are on the right-wing of the anti-Zionist movement. Of course I don't agree with their religious politics. I'm an atheist for fuck sake. But you judge ideology by practice not in terms of itself and NK are not racist, they give practical support to the Palestinians and have, if I may say so, been very brave.

    Foolish in some of their political decisions but brave nonetheless. Try attacking the ultra-orthodox who are not NK who issue fatwas banning the renting of rooms to non-Jews. That is why I say you are a racist because you attack NK when they are not racist and fail to criticise your own Zionist Orthodox who are not simply racist, but neo-Nazi. People like Rabbi Dov Lior (he of a Jewish fingernail is worth a thousand Palestinian lives).

    Jacob - I've never worked it out either but it's a 'joke' that Atzmon repeatedly makes. Yes it is Gilad Atzmon who keeps posting it. Small things amuse even smaller minds.

    You can see the anti-Semitism oozing out of Atzmon. References to salt beef sandwiches and the like. I prefer smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels anyway! And kneidlach soup.

    As for my 'handlers'. Yet Atzmon, my Israeli handlers help me disrupt the JQ and picket Lieberman. Anymore conspiracies? In fact Atzmon had admitted to being friends with an Israeli informer, Morris Herman, so his own credentials are in no doubt whatsoever.

    Anyway Mr Christ, unlike your lot, who don't post our responses, I have posted yours. You shouldn't judge the good people by your own standards.

    Thanks Mr Real Zionist. I don't usually allow links from Zionists and it is only because it is about Jonathan Hoffman's links with the EDL that I am allowing it through. As far as I'm concerned, a real Zionist is still a Zionist.

  20. Ben,

    not sure what you were referring to re Azzaam. But I agree there was no chanting on our way back to the station.

    But when the Zionists started chanting 'IDF' 'IDF' I shouted 'IDF-SS'. Although you are too young to remember, the students in Paris in May 68 chanted 'CRS-SS' and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Although of course no one would suggest that the CRS riot police were actually doing the same as the SS.

    Either way it was a very good protest and given people were abused and threatened so I think it is understandable if some our own people overreacted but no one that I saw was in any way racist.

    We leave that to Jonathan Hoffman's friends.

  21. I agree with the other posters Who have said that the description
    " rich Zionist kids " is an unacceptable stereotype .

    I don't agree with Tony's attempt to excuse it - Tony should know better than to use phrases that echo the worst historical prejudices of " Rich Jews "

    We wouldn't accept Anti-Semitic language from Non-Jewish people - I don't see why Tony should be allowed to get away with using stereotyping without being censured .

  22. I'm not suggesting that anyone should use anti-Semitic language however describing a specific thuggish and racist sub-set as 'rich kids' is not generalising about Jews as a whole. Unless you are saying using 'rich' and 'Zionist' in close proximity is always anti-Semitic.

    If I had used 'rich Jews' then of course that would be different. I referred to Zionists, some of whom (EDL component?) weren't even Jewish anyway.

    But nice try.

  23. Tony, I enjoyed the post on these London extremist Zionists.

    On the point of 'tonyle' -- I am as baffled as you by the 'tonyle' appellation. What does it mean?

    Next, if I may, I'd like to ask how you know Morris Herman is an Israeli informer -- judging by his youtube videos, he seems to produce some valid and interesting interviews with a variety of Muslim activists and religious figures, and some of his videos surely veer towards the conspiratorial, and some veer towards the unfounded and plain silly. But is he an Israeli informer? Eccentric yes, I see evidence of that, but I do not see him as an informer.

  24. As most atisemites, Greenstein learned the dialect of antisemmites.......

  25. Tonyle
    Didn't your father tell you - probably not as he'd cut you out his life - that smoked salmon and cream cheese together with chicken soup don't mix as meat and milk . But then you were always parev , neither meat or milk , forever stuck between trying to be all things to all causes .
    Incidentally , I understand from my sources that the Zionists had you kettled . I'm sure your extra stay in Hendon was enjoyable .

  26. You're mad Tony, absolutely barking mad.

    You have offered no serious justification at all for calling me a racist - just a lot of idiotic speculation ("my" Orthodox Zionists, indeed).

    I call the PSC racists because they are - why else would they work so closely with people like Paul Eisen, Frances Clark Lowes and Gill Kaffash for so many years? Finally bowing to pressure to get rid of a couple of holocaust revisionists to clean up your image doesn't mean the PSC has suddenly become a non-racist organisation...Frances Clark Lowes still holds a reading group at Brighton PSC where they discuss the vile Atzmon's latest disgusting work, for example. And, since the PSC are single-staters who want Israel abolished, and are happy to stick up for the Ahmedinijad-loving NK, you can hardly pretend it's not an antisemitic organisation (having useful idiot Alexei Sayle speak for you ocassionally changes nothing).

    And what "EDL component"? Where were the EDL on Tuesday night? Somewhere in your disturbed imagination no doubt. I have demonstrated alongside the British Israel Coalistion on several ocassions and have never seen anyone remotely connected to the EDL.

    And yes, the "Rich Zionist kids" and "Hitler Youth" comments are deeply antisemitic - truly disgusting - but then that's the PSC ethos. Why hide it? Your former colleagues like Eisen and Atzmon never bother.

  27. "Name me a single great orthodox person" ????

    Greenstein, you are clearly an individual who is socially inept, deeply ill at ease with their own personal circumstances.

    In this regard you feel the need to, as an attention-craving apologist cause the most pathetic of gestures by trying to challenge anything which associates you with your past.

    You views are not logical - in a middle-east of oppressive tyrants you expend your energies attacking Israel. Despite the huge problems Israel has do you not think their are more worthy causes that could occupy your copious free time such as Assad butchering his population and the Holocaust-denying Iranian regime. Even to you Israel must seem the best of a bad bunch- yet your apologist urge for people to pay you attention - you maintain this rather sad blog - overides the most obvious political focus.

    Your actions aren't moral honourable or even true to yourself - you are nothing more than a pathetic attention seeker who can't stand living in your own skin.

  28. yes it's a Middle East of western supporting tyrants. Isn't it strange that Netanyahu hasn't condemned Assad just as he gave support to Murbarak?

    I ll leave it to the not too bright ZIonists to work out. I may be the most socially inept person in the world with all sorts of complexes, after all - like the White Rose anti-fascists I'm a self-hater, but that doesn't stop Israel being a racaist state and those who defend it here being no better than those who applauded the Nuremburg Laws and what was to follow (the ZIonists in particular).

    You notice after Zio's blather he can't name a great Orthodox person. Cant imagine why!!!

    As for mad christ, PSC has never worked closely or at all with Paul Eisen. That's a fact. When FCL came out as a holocaust denier he was expelled. If GIll Kaffash did that she would also.

    But let's be honest. If we knew oF ANY PSC members who went on an EDL demonstration, or supported the BNP or defended a fascist who wished to drown thousands of Black people they would be out of the organisation before you could say kosher. Yet here we had last week, dozens of young rich-kid Zionists demonstrating their support for Lieberman, whose party's signature tune on demonstrations is 'death to the Arabs' and you say nothing

    Given the choice between a denier of a holocaust past and someone who wishes to perpetrate another holocaust, this time of Palestinians, I would choose the former.

    No Atzmon the Zionists didn't have us kettled. We refused to go into the pen. I note that Sara Gillespie has now called the boycott of Habimah 'book burning'. You are just a traitorous 'supporter' of the Palesitnians - a Zionist in practice because the foul mouthed Gillespie is your close musical partner who always echoes your views. And it was you who called the academic boycott 'book burning'.

    The Zionists we are welcome to you.

    As for Morris Herman, I have it on good authority from Mary Rizzo, Atzmon's closest political collaborator, and who left him because of this and his sexism, that he is an informer.

    As for calling the rich Zio kids akin to Hitler Youth. If the cap fits wear it

    Our blind Zionist fuckwit doesn't know anything about the EDL. Google my site - their u c EDL members demonstrating alongside Jonathan Hoffman and Kach. It's a fact. And they did the same outide the Israeli embassy and they regularly demonstrate with Israeli flags. WHy might that be?

    Racist birds of a feather flock together.

  29. Ernie Christ:

    I’m not a member of the PSC but have seen firsthand how they’ve dealt very effectively with the few anti-Semites, Holocaust deniers and fellow travellers in their midst. Leading that fight, as far as I can see, is Tony G (the thanks he gets for that!)

    As regards talk of ‘rich Jews’ or ‘Hitler Jugend’, these wouldn’t been my own choice of words but there is context there: the groups targeted happen to be sub-groups, not Jewry or Judaism and contain non-Jewish supporters. As far as I’m concerned (and much of what’s left of the Israeli Left), Avigdor Lieberman is a fascist. Referring to his youthful and incredibly dumb supporters as ‘Hitler Jugend’ may not be tasteful but it’s to the point.

  30. " these wouldn’t been my own choice of words "
    Another typical antisemite, that hides behind words.....
    I think like that...... but I would not use those words.....
    Greenstein learn your lesson how to hide.... antisemites like gert know their ways.

  31. The only 'typical anti-Semites' are people like you Steve. What did the engineer of the final solution (Reitlinger) Reinhardt Heydrich say concerning the Nazi attitude to Zionists: 'The activity of the Zionist-oriented youth organizations that are engaged in the occupational restructuring of the Jews for agriculture and manual trades prior to their emigration to Palestine lies in the intrest of the National Socialist state's leadership.'

    And the paper of the SS Schwarze Korp, 'The Zionists adhere to a strict racial position and by emigrating to Palestine they are helping to build their own Jewish state.'

    What was that about anti-Semitism? To you its an infantile term of abuse, to us its a description of a quisling movement for quislings like you Steve. Oh the quotes come from Lucy Dawidowicz's 'War Against the Jews'. She was a right-wing Zionist historian. Want any more proof Steve that for people like you, getting into bed with anti-Semites is second nature?

  32. "What was that about anti-Semitism? To you its an infantile term of abuse"
    How Pathetic..... a mind reader.
    No Mr. for me, its a mental pathological condition of hate.....
    for you its playing with words, as you your antisemite friend gert do, to hide your jewish hate behind your words.

  33. Nope. I don't think he's gonna get any of that...

  34. Yes of course Steve thinks it's pathological, i.e. medical. And as Leo Pinsker, one of the earliest Zioniss wrote in Autoemancipation (1881) as a mental disease it is hereditary and therefore incurable. So the Zionists took that as the cue for not fighting it but treating with it, using it and in Nazi times collaborating with it.

    To me it's real but today marginal everywhere but Eastern Europe amongst Israel's best friends like Ziles and Kaminiski.

    If trash like you were the slightest bit bothered about anti-Semitism and what happened to European Jewry during the holocaust you'd be crying out in shame at the fact that European neo-Nazis and far-right racists pay 'homage' at the Yad Vashem mockers museum.

    You use the memory of the dead in the holocaust to justify more racism.

    Pathetic isn't the half of it.

  35. sure I an "bothered about anti-Semitism", that's why I answer Antisemites like you and Gert.

  36. Stevie:

    ” To you its [sic] an infantile term of abuse"

    When it comes from illiterate twerps like you, it’s nothing but an infantile term of abuse, the use of which has diminished the meaning of the term to almost nothing. Although it was always a bit of a misnomer to begin with.

    The last Zionist standing will have a room temperature IQ (in Celsius!)

  37. Steve is a good example of circular logic. He is concerned about 'anti-Semitism' because he responds to 'anti-Semites'. Like most Zionists he's not well endowed upstairs. Otherwise he might appreciate that since his definition of 'anti-Semitism' is in contention, since it has nothing to do with racism, it is mere political difference masquerading as racism.

    But of course Steve you are concerned. That's why you and your friends demonstrate with the EDL and hold hands with the BNP. Any more insigts?


    sure I an "bothered about anti-Semitism", THAT'S WHY I answer Antisemites like you and Gert.

    and again get it into your brain.
    for me 'anti-Semitism', is what you and your friend Gert represent, a mental obsessive pathological condition of hate.....

  39. Idiot Steve shouts 'read English' and then proceeds to tell us 'I an bothered...' You couldn't make it up.

    He also has difficulty understanding English. Your definition of anti-Semitism makes as much sense as saying that the moon is made of green cream cheese.

    Anti-semitism is a form of racism not 'a mental obsessive pathological condition of hate.....'

    If you believe anti-Semitism is a disease then to be blunt it's your mind that is diseased.

    Yes I'm sure Gert and me represent everything you hate, but anti-Semitism it aint. You may as well dislike pink fairies for all I care. If u want to call them anti-Semitic fine.

  40. Oh and you accused me of being a mind reader in one post. How is it possible to read your mind when you have such difficult?


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