27 December 2011

Xmas Day In Bethlehem

Pity Jesus if he was to attempt to make the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem today! It is noticeable that despite the repression of Palestinian Christians, Christian leaders criticism of Israel has been muted to being non-existent

In the US Christians set up their own Christians United for Israel, which considers Palestinian Christians as some breed of Muslim, proving that religion always takes second place to politics.

Just as the Pope backed William of Orange and the Protestant Settlers at the Battle of the Boyne.

Tony Greenstein


  1. Tony one small error in your post!!!! Mary and Joseph were both jews and therefore wouldnt have been stopped at checkpoints!!!!

  2. Oh no, no mistake. Don't forget Jews would have been enemies to the Roman authorities in those days. And course even political left Jews today get stopped.

    And maybe even more pertinent. Who were the descendants of those Jews if not the Palestinians?

  3. Since when do "left Jews today get stopped", you are just like Atzmon.... living on poor news, live here and you will know that as a Left Zionist jew, no one stops me.....
    And my decendants were Palestinians.... well you live in lala land, for your knowledge, my family never left Israel, they were always Jews.

  4. I think you misunderstood. I said 'even political left Jews today get stopped.'

    Since when were 'Left' Zionists on the left? It was the left Zionists, especially the shock troops of Palmach, mainly staffed by Mapam/Hashomer Hatzair and Ahdut Ha'avodah Zioniss who perpetrated the massacres and expulsions in 1948.

    It was 'left' Zionism that initiated the war of 1967 and indeed in 1956, when Ben Gurion was forced to withdraw from Sinai, Mapam - the 'Marxist' Zionists - who staged a demonstration against withdrawal.

    the 'left' Zionists tried to ride 2 horses and increasingly the left horse veered away. Their 'leftism' became rhetorical and like in Stalinist countries, at variance with the reality.

    It was the kibbutzniks who formed the majority of officers of the IDF.

    Their creation, Histadrut, built the first settlements via its Solel Boneh company. Uniquely for a 'trade union' federation, Histadrut had strong and deep ties with South Africa via its Koor Industries.

    Left Zionism had a choice - join with the Palestinians in a joint struggle, which would have been against the Zionist rulers or join with the Zionists in a national concensus. They chose the latter.

    No of course no one stops you. You are no threat to anyone. But Israelis who do put themselves on the line, like Matan Cohen who was partially blinded in one eye for protesting or Emily Jencowich who was blinded for protesting at the Qualandiyah check point (the excuse was that someone threw stones, strange that religious protestors today don't get the same treatment) or Jonathan Pollock who got 3 months for riding a bicycle in a protest are dealt with savagely.

    You left Zionists are no threat because you agree with the fundamentals of Zionism, i.e. a jewish state with privileges for Jews and guest status for Palestinians.

  5. No you misunderstood

    I am a political left Jew and today or any other day I NEVER get stopped and NEVER get stoped..........

    "You left Zionists are no threat because you agree with the fundamentals of Zionism, i.e. a jewish state with privileges for Jews and guest status for Palestinians."

    Well you know it all, you are the master of truth..........
    You sit there and do nothing, while we here fight for the truth everyday, so don't tell me who I am and what the Left in Israel is.

  6. I have never claimed to be the 'the master of truth'. This is the typical caricature of someone who has little or nothing to say.

    You say I 'sit there and do nothing'. Untrue. I have been active against Israel and Zionism's oppression of the Arabs in Israel and the Territories for many years. You cannot know what I do.

    You say you 'fight for the truth everyday' but the truth is an elusive concept and varies according to your perspective so you are not saying anything.

    Yu claim that I 'DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING' but again you are not in a position to judge. I do know of Zeev Sternhell's Founding Myths of Zionism which excoriated the hypocrisy of 'left' Zionism. I do know, as I pointed to in my previous example, of the hypocrisy of those who shoot and cry. I also know of the chauvinist record of Mapam and Ahdut Ha'avodah (many of whom like Yitzhak Tabenkin) went on to become settler leaders.

    What is it you think you know that makes you superior? What activity is it that you engage in that leads no one to be interested in you from the Israeli state. As one of those active in building BDS I suspect I do somewhat more than you. But maybe you can explain your activity and be honest enough to post your name.


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