30 October 2011

The Beauty of the South Downs

Yesterday was a busy day. A 9 mile walk with my son, Daniel, on the South Downs along with other ramblers and the off in the evening to Debbie Fink's 21st birthday party!

In Brighton we are incredibly lucky to live on the edge of the South Downs, which has now been classified as a National Park. We took a circular walk from a small village outside Brighton, Pyecombe, which has been divided by the A23 and other roads, to Hurstpierpoint, a lovely little village about 7 miles from Brighton.

Below are some of the photos I took with my mobile. The walk organiser has promised to contribute a piece. On the way we visited a 12th century church, passed a windmill and skirted a rather large hill! And also the Hassocks railway tunnel where over 30 people were killed and another 70+ injured over a century ago.

Below are a few words from Pete, who led the walk.

Tony Greenstein

We started up at at Pyecombe on a circular walk to the Jack and Jill windmills, which go down to Clayton Tunnel onto Danny House an Elizabethan Mansion where we stopped for lunch. Lloyd George lived there for 3 months in 1918 and the War Cabinet met there. It is a really imposing country house, now turned into flats.

We went on to Hurstpierpoint for coffees then we made our way back to Wolstonbury Hill which is a impressive iron age hill fort. Finally, after over 9 miles, we made our way back to the Plough pub.



  1. You will never belong to this country JEW..........

  2. A fascinatingly erudite comment. Only question I have is. Is this a comment from a neo-Nazi or a Zionist?

  3. A Zionist might have said *in* this country? An antisemite, say a BNP or EDL member, would say *to* this country. No? But then you might have to accept that a Zionist can't be an antisemite, and that's a whole other argument!

  4. No. A Zionist is quite capable of saying 'to this country'. As is an anti-Semite. And why can't a fascist say 'in this country'?

    Sorry Brian. And yes, Zionism is more than capable of acting as a surrogate anti-Semitic movement and Zionists can certainly be anti-Semitic on a personal level.

  5. Here's a thought for an imaginative playwright, perhaps. A dialogue (in 'heaven' or the other place) between the English Kind Edward 1 (who expelled the Jews in 1290) and Oliver Cromwell, who allowed us to stay, for calculated political reasons, in 1656. Perhaps it's been done?
    See http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/4772-cromwell-oliver


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