5 August 2011

On Holiday!!!

There will be a temporary break whilst I take a break in Ireland this year!!

Normal service will be resumed shortly.


  1. My wish is that you are having an enjoyable holiday and that you use the time to reflect on the wrong you do to your people and to the cause of real peace in Israel.

    May you repent your past and be forgiven Mr Greenstein for the wrongs you have done in order to be welcomed back to your people.

    You have served our enemies for so long and whatever hatred you have had for your people must surely have abated by now.

    The lord forgives those who repent and shows them his mercy.

    So in this month of Av when the jewish people remembers the cruel destruction of our nation, the murder of a million of our people by the romans we should look forwards to your finding love for the jewish people, your people Mr Greenstein.

    Rather than working as an enemy of the jewish people concocting lies and calumnies on behalf of those who wish us harm think Mr Greenstein that you are getting older and that none of us live forever. It is surely now time as you get older to return home to our people.

    If you wish to find the way back to the jewish people and be welcomed back to your people as an honoured jew rather than remembered as a renegade and hated enemy of the jewish people you may contact me in confidence at

    I look forwards to giving you assistance on the way to returning to your people Mr Greenstein

  2. I of course have no objection to Zionists who are not abusive, even those who deride me as an 'enemy of the (Jewish) people" from posting. However I disagree with every word and didn't realise that even my holiday post would prove controversial.

    As it happens I was involved in a serious road accident on holiday which could have killed me, so the question of life and death is one I have pondered.

    I am asked to 'repent' for past sins. I can think of no greater sin than the vehement nationalism and rabid racism which passes for national life in Israel. The site and spectacle of Hitler waving neo-Nazis visiting that mockery to the death of millions of Jews, Yad vashem is more than enough.

    The slogans of 'death to the Arabs' and even 'Arabs to the gas chambers' demonstrate where Zionism is heading and I have even less doubt than I did 41 years ago when I 'came out' as an anti-Zionist.

    The extermination of 5-6 million Jews, the pogroms and the attacks of those who cried 'Jews to Palestine' cannot be justified by perpetrating vile inquities against Palestinians. It wasn't the Palestinians who murdered the Jews and the attempt to suggest otherwise merely demonstrates the absurdity of the defamation.

    I am told that I will be remembered as a terrible enemy of the Jewish people. Well, as Woody Allen put it, I'd rather live inside my home than think of how I will be remembered. By then I will be dead and gone. But all the Jews who are today remembered as giants, the Spinozas, Heines, Einsteins, Freuds - they were dissidents and outlaws. Zionism is bourgeois conformity and offers nothing other than the soothing syrup of bigoted nationalism which uses the other to hide the gross inequalities in israel itself.

    Hence why more Jews leave than enter Israel today. The offer is kind but I won't take up the confessional e-mail address!

  3. I don't like to think that you are an evil person Mr Greenstein despite your endless efforts to prove otherwise. Your publishing a private email address along with your adding further lies and calumnies against the jewish people to buttress yourself tells me that you are much to be pitied, someone who has to go ever further to prove his hatred for his people in service of our enemies.
    Kapos before you did the will of our enemies only to feel their wrath along with the rest of our people.

    That you use the victims of nazism and abuse their memory to further the propaganda of those who would harm the jewish people is truly wicked behaviour.

    Your comments about Yad Vashem are evil. You seem to know no limits.

    Despite this I am glad to hear that you survived your accident. You have been given another opportunity in this month of Av to do teshuvah. May you live long enough that you tire of your hatred for yourself and the jewish people.

  4. Well I guess I should be grateful for small mercies. I'm not evil despite making evil comments!

    Notice that the making comparisons between the behaviour of the Nazis and the Zionists is evil, but calling me a 'kapos' is not!! Likewise all the other millions of comparisons by Zionists between anti-Zionist and support for the Palestinians and the Nazis is not evil, good gracious no.

    Since I have always been active in the fight against fascism and anti-Semitic groups in Britain, unlike the Zionist groups who now demonstrate alongside the Hitler saluting EDL, I am a 'kapos', so what term does one use to describe those who not only collaborate with fascists and anti-Semites, but do it under no compulsion? Because whatever one says about the kapos, they were operating under compulsion and even managed to stage revolts in Auschwitz and Treblinka destroying gas chambers and crematoria.

    Strange the Zionist 'logic'.

    And, if my memory serves me correctly, weren't the accusations against Zionist collaborator with the Nazis (as an official representative of the Jewish Agency) Rudolph Kasztner those very same holocaust survivors from Germany? Were they kapos too?

    Methinks that our anonymous Zionist uses terms like Kapos as verbal weapons of abuse rather than in any intellectual or scientific way.

    And he appeals of course not to reason but to a loyalty to the 'Jewish people' which he conveniently represents. As the ways of the nationalists. Even in Israel the recent demonstrations show that there are more than one type of Jew - the rich and the poor, the black and the white.

    Appeals to kith and kin arguments, the kind that defenders of Apartheid South Africa style used to use, leave me cold. Is the only reason to support or oppose something because of some undefined loyalty to the nation/race? Wasn't this the Hitler message? Our anonymous Zionist should let us know.

    Whilst kindly letting me know he was glad I didn't die last week I'm sure there are many other Zionists who would have been only too happy, and have stated as such. Zionism harbours the most bitter anti-Semitic hatred of all ideologies (alongside its Christian fundamentalist friends).

    As for publishing private e-mail addresses, I wasn't aware that I had agreed to treat said e-mail as private when it was clearly of a political import and had been submitted as a comment. I very rarely edit a comment and assume it is meant for publication.

    As for Yad Vashem, its record of indifference to racism against Arabs is a matter of record as is its entertaining of neo-Nazis and its attempts to use the holocaust to portray Palestinians as Nazi supporters.


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