Monday, 13 June 2011

The ‘Only Democracy in the Middle East’ Protects ‘Death to the Arabs’ march but violently attacks young Jewish demonstrator

This video speaks for itself. A young Jewish man dares to shout about human rights at the Jerusalem Day celebrations (for Zionism that is) and he is violently attacked by the Police, who take care to ensure that his mouth is covered by his keffiyah, thus preventing him from shouting or speaking.

Note at the same time, the usual ‘death to the Arabs’ march takes place through the Old City. Of course in this case the ‘only democracy’ is fully in favour of ‘free speech’ so there are no arrests (of the racists that is).

But none of this stopped the Israeli Police charging Lucas with attacking them!

Tony Greenstein

Video shows police violently arresting Jewish man in Jerusalem

19-year old 'Lucas' from Philadelphia was detained on Jerusalem Day earlier this month for 'attacking and biting a police officer'.

By Nir Hasson 13.6.11.

For one American Jewish teenager, this year's Jerusalem Day earlier this month turned out to be an event not to remember, as he was detained for two days on suspicion of attacking and biting a police officer.

"Lucas," a 19 year-old from Philadelphia, cut a rather different figure in the Jerusalem Day flag parade in the capital. Like many participants in the event, he wore a skullcap on his head; unlike the others, however, a Palestinian flag and a keffiyeh were also part of his outfit.

The youth, who arrived in Israel as part of a trip arranged by a Jewish-Christian group, claims he was attacked by a policeman during the celebrations.

The parade turned ugly this year when a small group of participants walked through East Jerusalem, and the Old City's Muslim Quarter, chanting "death to Arabs." Lucas, with a few comrades, stood opposite these demonstrators, and shouted out slogans in support of ending Israel's occupation of the territories. He says that dozens of Palestinians gathered behind him, and formed a spontaneous protest.

In a videotape, Lucas can be seen refusing to give policemen his passport, after he was apparently identified as the leader of the protest. After a few minutes, in the clip, a police officer is seen dragging Lucas forcibly into a police car.

"Israel is occupying the Palestinian people in my name, in the name of world Jewry," Lucas, clutching his American passport, tells the camera. "And I myself, an American Jew, is here to say that is completely unjustified and ethically reprehensible.

"And we, world Jewry and all people of the world, will not stop until this occupation ends and until the Palestinian people have their right - the right of return, the right to live without occupation, and equal rights within Israel. That is why we are here."

Israel Police claims the young man attacked and bit an officer - however, the video does not show Lucas provoking any officers. It shows a group of policemen forcing him to the ground and handcuffing him; as a result, he required medical treatment afterward.

For his part, Lucas adamantly denies that he attacked a police officer.

"I didn't bite anyone," he says. "The police officer showed me his cuts [later], but they were caused by a sharp instrument, and there weren't any bite marks."

Lucas was held in detention for two days. The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court denied a police request to extend his remand; at the advice of his lawyer and family, the youth left the country after being released.


  1. that boy is a hero. keep up the great work. it's absolutely imperative that a record of the truth be available to everybody looking for it. peace

  2. Agreed.

    Despite Netanyahu talking to Aipac about how Israel is a democracy, even as a heckler was beaten up and then arrested by the US cops, we see the real attitude of Israel's state and its youthful nationalists and chauvinists.

    This is democracy Israeli style.


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