18 April 2011

Memorial Picket for Vittorio Arrigoni, Italian ISM member Murdered in Gaza

Ahava Picket Larger Than Ever as Zionist Numbers Dwindle

Our joy that the Ahava store in Covent Garden is closing was tempered this week by the commemoration of the memory of Vittorio Arrigoni, who was so cruelly murdered by an insane Jihadist/Salafist group in Gaza last week.

The beneficiary and responsibility for Vik's murder though lies lies with the Israeli state. Even assuming that the murderers, first of Juliano Mer Khamis and now Vittoria Arrigoni weren't actually paid assets of Israel, and this is by no means certain, only Israel stands to gain. Palestinians can now be branded collectively as insane Islamist murderers, even of those who have devoted their lives to solidarity with them.

When you cage people for years on end and deliberately starve them and deprive them of life’s necessities, whilst regularly murdering and injuring them, all in the name of the Jewish people, it is not surprising that tiny fascist groups spring up who do the work of Israel for it. Although an interesting thesis, I suspect that Lauren Booth's article is a conjecture too far.

Ahava itself is not being allowed to renew its lease in Covent Garden. Existing traders want them out, just as Ahava itself didn’t want the attentions of Hoffman and his crewe. Indeed now that we have achieved a victory over Ahava and its sale of stolen goods, we should also pay tribute to the role of Jonathan Hoffman who, more than any other single person, helped reinvigorate the protests with his tiny band of counter-demonstrators and EDL thugs.

In his Jewish Chronicle blog, Hoffman bizarrely cites the very store he is supposed to be supporting, Ahava, as a ‘guilty party’ because they were ‘pusillanimous in fighting the haters and for blaming the counter-demonstraters for the disruption to Monmouth Street.’

Tony Greenstein


  1. I'm sorry to hear the news about this brave Italian man and also about Juliano Mer Khamis - it reminds me of the shennanigans of Abu Nidal.

    I know Jonathan Hoffman is as avid a reader of TGB as I am, so I hope he can be recruited to help Palestine solidarity in the UK to eradicate the following as quickly and entertainingly as he wiped out Ahava from central London -

    New struggles

    Ahava's attempts to promote their brand in the UK are not over. The store's manager claims that the company will look for new premises. Ahava also has a sister company, Ahava UK Ltd, running an internet and mail order operation, with premises in Cheltenham.

    Ahava is also participating in the NanoRetox programme, an EU/Natural History Museum investigation of nanomaterials, along with King's College and Imperial College (see here).

    Ahava victory
    06 Apr 2011
    Corporate Watch

  2. World should focus on Israel & Palestinian side there should be held discussions between them both sides aim should be one that is peace then only this entire region will be safe and world will be safe. Palestinians should be give up terrorism these kidnaps and murders are raises the tensions between them Palestinians should not believe in terrorism they should not gain anything with this terrorism only peace talks will be held and peace will be happened


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