Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Rizzo’s Anti-Semitic ‘Think Tank’ Closes

When Mary Rizzo’s ‘PeacePalestine’ site closed, she and Gilad Atzmon opened what was to be an up-market ‘think tank’ where the old silliness and obvious anti-Semitism would be consigned to the scrap heap. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

For Gilad Atzmon anti-Semitism is a hard habit to kick. And after a particularly vicious attack on veteran Israeli anti-Zionist Moshe Machover, Tribal Marxism for Dummies, among other articles which attracted flack from his previous supporters, Atzmon packed up his tent and left.

Meanwhile, without the support and subsidy of Atzmon, Rizzo became an increasingly forlorn figure. In one particularly reactionary article, at the time of Mubarak’s attack on Viva Palestina, one Haitham Sabbah demonstrated all the sterling qualities that a quisling is made of when he called on Viva Palestina to apologise to the Egyptian regime for having embarrassed it by trying to break the blockade!

As the Arab revolution spreads we are proud to announce that this vicious nest of racists and quislings has closed its doors!

Tony Greenstein

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  1. I would have thought that at this time more than any other, given the political progress being made across the whole of the Maghreb and Middle East, a website devoted to Palestine and claiming to be a 'think tank' would be absolutely in its element. It seems not.

    It true Rizzo style, she gives no reasons for shutting down her rubbish website.

    Just in passing, I happened to visit Atzmon's ego-driven website and see he has a new archive category of 'Lauren Booth' - she seems like an honest decent person, so I hope she doesn't get taken in by this antisemitic buffoon, liar and charlatan.


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