Thursday, 24 December 2009

Festive Yuletide Greetings - One Year After Israel's Savage Attack on Gaza

It was just a year ago that Israel committed its savage and murderous attack on the occupied people of Gaza. In true Nazi style, some 1,400 civilians were murdered, including over 400 children, in retaliation for the pathetic firecrackers launched because of Israel’s siege and continuous policy of assassinations. However the Israeli state also committed one of the gravest political errors in its history, the BBC notwithstanding. It proved a decisive moment in helping to give life to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. Despite the attempts of New Labour to sanitise its actions, Israeli politicians travelling abroad face arrest as the war criminals they are. The following two events have been planned to commemorate the victims of Israel’s savagery.

Wishing you merry festive greetings and renewed energy for the struggle next year Tony Greenstein

Sunday 27th December- Vigil outside the Israeli Embassy: Called by a number of organisations, the vigil will start at 3pm in Kensington, London. Bring lighters, candles, banners and flags. Saturday 16th January- Gaza1417 'Die- In' in Trafalgar Sqaure: Help to represent each of the people killed in the attack, from 1pm for more details.

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