18 December 2008

Neo-Nazi Redwatch Prints Atzmon Article Attacking Anti-Fascist

Fig. 1 - Mark Collett caught on camera
Fig. 2 - Kevin Watmough, one of those behind Redwatch
Fig. 3 - The Atmon article on Redwatch.
Anyone who is an activist or anti-fascist knows of the Redwatch neo-Nazi site. It specialists in printing the names, addresses and photos of anti-fascist activists with the purpose of instigating attacks on them. For example the President of Liverpool Trades Council, Alec McFaddyen was attacked with a knife on his doorstep two years ago in front of his children and was lucky to escape with his life, as a result of appearing on the Redwatch site.

As a cursory glance will demonstrate, they specifically ask for information on their opponents and it doesn’t take a great intellect to understand why they want that information.
I recently heard that the neo-Nazi Redwatch site had been taken down. Redwatch is a neo-Nazi site that has close links to activists in the BNP, in particular their more overt neo-Nazi wing, the followers of the late John Tyndall and the Nationalist Alliance.
I therefore made a few searches and sure enough Redwatch was still on-line. Going to the SOUTH ENGLAND REDS section, where I’ve made a guest appearnace for a few years now, I saw that it had now been updated. Another piece, namely an uncut article by Gilad Atzmon, the Zionist anti-Semite, had been printed in toto.
The Atzmon article, a puerile attack on me, is insignificant. What is interesting is that the open Nazis of Redwatch just love it. The article is on the anti-semitic site of Mary Rizzo, PeacePalestine, and is reprinted on a number of sites, for example the conspiracy Truth Seeker site.
Whilst I’m sure Atzmon doesn’t actually support the BNP or Redwatch, it is nonetheless interesting that a fascist and neo-Nazi site like this is happy to carry Atzmon’s article in full. And why shouldn’t they? There can’t be much in the article, if anything they actually disagree with. For example where he describes how:

‘As a result of my circulating a piece written by Paul Eisen, whom he regards as a NASHD&M (‘Nazi’, ‘Anti-Semite’, ‘Holocaust Denier’ and a ‘maggot’), Greenstein tried to stop one of my readings, blaming the SWP for ‘giving a platform’ to guess what: an ‘Anti-Semite’, ‘Racist’, a ‘Nazi’ and a ‘holocaust denier’. Yes Greenstein and his friends are not economical with expressions. Needless to say, that the SWP ignored them completely.’
Whether the SWP is happy about this is another matter, but if not they should take steps to make their position clear regarding someone who believes in the ‘spiritual deJudaification’ of the City of London.

Atzmon’s defence of Paul Eisen must have been an attraction in itself, since Eisen is, of course, a holocaust denier. Snaturally the BNP/Redwatch/Nationalist Alliance will not have any great objections to his writings, not least because he is Jewish and actively defends for example anti-Jewish pogroms.

True enough Mary, but I'm beginning to see other outcomes looming. What I call 'the Ukrainian option' is one of them.
The Ukrainian peasant listens (for a couple of hundred years) about why the Jewish tavern keeper, tax farmer, landlord or whatever is doing what he's doing for the sake of 'tolerance' freedom' or 'human rights' But the time comes when he's just had enough. He lifts his axe and splits the Jews head - it's what they call a pogrom.
Jewish power needs to be confronted - peacefully and intelligently - and the sooner the better for everyone.Paul Eisen 01.13.08 - 9:16 pm #

For more info on Redwatch try the Guardian's ‘Web of Hate’ or
a BBC Programme shown on 31.10.07. or leading BNP Member Mark Collett as to the real attitude of the BNP to Redwatch.

Tony Greenstein


  1. this is amusing! Tony Greenstein, A guy who quotes the ADELAIDE INSTITUTE in his own article:
    getting huffy and puffy about what sites pick things up, as if anyone has any control over it!

    I don't read that site, but I see your reading list includes them as SOURCES!

    and, many sites, dozens and dozens pick up our articles. Most of them are ones you drool to get into such as Middle East On Line, Dissident Voice, Counterpunch, AMIN and too many more to mention. While it seems you get in Socialist Unity!!! WOW!

    Anti-Semitic site? Like I said, come on in there and say this directly to the many writers who post there. Why not listen to Atzmon's radio interview posted there. A certain Ismail Zayid left a praising comment there.. yep, the same Ismail you harassed and tried to tell him that he didn't know (wasn't intelligent enough, obviously) that is was wrong to support Gilad and me, and that a good man such as himself must have been hoodwinked into it, just as you tried to do with the other signatories YOU harassed! The harassment and lies Re Dorothy I have debunked as well, just keep it up! You are priceless!!!

    Keep on going, Greenie, your three readers plus me, are amused!

  2. Clearly Mary isn't the brightest spark in the universe.

    Anti-fascists regularly cite articles and comments from fascist sources and quote them. Historians do that all the time with Nazi sources - Mein Kampf, the Goebbels Diaries, Hoss's autobiography etc. etc.

    But what we don't normally get is fascists and neo-Nazis reprinting wholesale our articles attacking others in the movement. And why? Because there is nothing I write that could possibly prove advantageous to the said neo-Nazis.

    On the other hand what Atzmon writes is anti-Semitic and racist and so it is quite natural to post what he writes.

    I've tried not to use words of more than 2-3 syllables since Mary clearly thinks that quoting a source is the same as approving it. What we call 2 bricks short of a loaf!

    And yes, most of the Palestinians or Arabs you work with like Ismail Zayid are incapable of defending you when challenged although they may well leave approving remarks. That is really the problem the Palestinian movement has consistently faced - leaders who say one thing to one person and another to those in power (or whom they think are in power!).

  3. ...just as you tried to do with the other signatories YOU harassed!
    - What ever happened to these 3 precious petitions which you keep defending Mary, which you use as proof of your ego's popularity?

    What is the point of defending these worthless, pointless petitions that never went anywhere and never helped anyone whatsoever, especially Palestinians?

    I noticed your 'anti-Palestine Septic Tank' recently hosted an article on the Dier Yassin Remembered Ernst Zundel fanclub.
    One of their organisers is an advocate of paedophilia. As a 'Palestinian Mother' Mary, could you tell me which other Palestinian mothers are keen on their children being interfered with by white privileged adult European males?

    Mary Rizzo's arguments -
    1 - I am popular, you aren't
    2 - You tell lies about me because I'm more popular than you
    3 - That's it

  4. Perhaps a little refresher course on the Great Peace Palestine Popularity Poll is needed?



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