3 October 2008

Fancy That - David Toube Signs up to Return Statement!

There is no more avid supporter of the Zionist cause and opponent of Boycott than Engage supporter, David Toube. Solicitor David Taube works for Cleary Gottlieb, one of a number of law firms which service the shysters, crooks and other parasites that inhabit the City of London:
'He advises in relation to a broad range of investment banking, fund management, corporate finance and other financial services sector matters.'
Being someone dedicated to the truth, he always denied being an anti-Zionist but in fact he signed the original Return statement, supporting the right of Palestinian Return whilst opposing the Israeli Law of Return which applies only to Jews. Of course, like most of his ilk, he now supports Zionism and Israel, since support for imperialism and its offshoots is seen as beneficial to the class of ruling class hangers-on to which he belongs.

Toube is a particularly nasty character, specialising in defaming anyone who is anti-Zionist. In particular Sheffield College lecturer Jenna Delich, who inadvertently posted a link to ne-Nazi and ex-KKK activist David Duke. She apologised for her mistake but that was the cue for Toube to accuse her of being a Duke fan. He is one of a regular band of defamers, including Atzmon supporter and 'researcher' Mike Ezra, who post on Engage.

Tony Greenstein


  1. This is the Return statement, which David Toube signed, and which was first published in the Guardian on 31 October 1987:

    Against the Israeli Law of Return - For the Palestinian Right to Return
    On 2 November 1917, the British Government issued the Balfour Declaration. This represented the first major victory for the Zionist project of transforming Palestine from a part of the Ottoman empire into a Jewish state - a project which came to fruition on 15 May 1948, with the proclamation of 'the establishment of the Jewish state in Palestine'.
    As a result, the Palestinian people now live either under Israeli rule or in exile. Those in the territories occupied by Israel in 1967 (many of them refugees from areas occupied in 1948) live under continuing harsh military rule; those in the territories occupied in 1948 are second-class residents in a Jewish state, denied the rights and privileges accorded to those residents recognised by the state as Jews.
    On 9 December 1987, the Palestinian people living under Israeli military occupation rose up against their oppressors. On 15 November 1988, the Palestine National Council declared the establishment of the independent state of Palestine. Two years on, the Intifada continues. It is now manifestly clear to everyone that the Israeli military occupation must end, and that the PLO is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. Any pretence to the contrary is an obvious lie.
    Meanwhile, the Israeli repression of the Palestinian people and their Intifada continues. Over 800 Palestinians (150 of them children) have been killed by the Israeli security forces or by settlers in the past two years. Many thousands more have been maimed, imprisoned without trial, had their homes destroyed or been expelled from their homeland.
    Israel has become an armed camp, at war both with its neighbours and with its subject Palestinian population. In its operations in Africa, Asia and Latin America, Israel represents a major link in the world network of repressive and racist regimes. Its nuclear weapons capacity, developed in alliance with South Africa, is a danger to the entire Middle East, and to the whole world.
    In spite of this, Jewish communities have been recruited by Israel as both support and justification for its activities. The historic sufferings of Jews, particularly the Nazi murder of six million European Jews, are held to justify Israel's existence and behaviour. Israel continues to present itself as acting in the name of the Jewish people in international affairs.
    We, entitled to the privileges accorded under the Israeli Law of Return to Jews and their close relatives, declare our opposition to the state of Israel as a Jewish state and to the Zionist movement. We call on our fellow Jews and their close relatives to join us in making the following statement:
    * the Palestinian people, at whose expense the state of Israel was established and continues to exist, have the right to return, to self-determination and to their independent state on Palestinian soil;
    * the Palestine Liberation Organisation is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people;
    * the state of Israel does not represent all Jewish people, neither legally, morally nor in any other way;
    * the Zionist structure of the state of Israel is at the heart of the racism and oppression against the Palestinian people, and should be dismantled.

  2. Tony - his name's Toube and he still claims to be anti-zionist. Of course this time around he is lying as with so much that he says and of course he doesn't define zionism or anti-zionism but I couldn't stand to see him claiming victim status again.


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