11 September 2008

MODERATION - Apologies

I have always opposed the idea of moderating a blog, believing that it inhibits free debate. However, as the number of deleted posts indicates, there has been a regular attempt by the anti-Semitic supporters of Gilad Atzmon and Mad Mikey Ezra to defame other anti-Zionist Jews with puerile abuse.

Recent comments from a weird character who was friendly with Atzmon & Rizzo, one 'natural science' that there was no holocaust and that we should 'prove' it etc. or indeed that the Holocaust is a 'Jewish invention' have convinced me that to allow anti-Semites and fascist supporters - be they Atzmon, Mad Mikey or Paul Bogdanor - to comment would be to prevent free debate. It is therefore with reluctance that this blog will have to be moderated.

However I shall not block any post simply because I disagree with it. As I explained to Ms Rizzo and her friend Richard Jones, as long as it is not personally offensive it will be posted.

Tony Greenstein