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Sunday, 6 July 2008

The Gov`t of Israel Demolished Three Homes in an Unrecognized Bedouin Village in the Negev

By Faisal Sawalha, Regional Council for the Unrecognized Villages

General mailing from `RCUV RCUV` July 5, 2008

Wednesday morning, July 2nd, 2008, the authorities demolished three homes in the unrecognized village of Wadi al-Na`am in the Negev. The first is a homeof orphans, the second belongs to a married man and his family, and the third is a home of a young man who plans to get married next month.

It is important to remember that this village has another problem: Ramat Hovav industrial zone with its dangerous toxic plants, endangers the people`s health. The residents of this village are willing to move to any other place and have been waiting for over ten years for the government tooffer them a suitable alternative.

Instead of caring for its Arab-Bedouin citizens and their children, the State of Israel demolishes their homes and takes the almost-nothing they have. Instead if organizing summer camps for the school kids, the state of Israel demolishes their homes leaving them homeless facing the heat of the Negev without a roof over their heads.

For more information: Faisal Sawalha, Regional Council for the UnrecognizedVillages

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