Saturday, 5 April 2008

Rizzo Dedicates Peace Palestine to Attacking Anti-Zionists (especially if they're Jewish!)

This is a blog which was set up as a result of the dispute within Indymedia UK in which Gilad Atzmon finally admitted defeat and took his posts elsewhere. Since then we have dedicated the blog, a niche blog, to exposing the small - and we emphasise small - anti-Semitic wing of the Palestine solidarity movement.

This anti-Semitic wing is based around Mary Rizzo's Peace Palestine. Who would believe it that the major story on Palestine is 'Anti-Zionist = Zionist (if you are Tony Greenstein!)'. This is at a time when one would have thought Mary Rizzo would be spending her time campaigning against the Turin Bookfair, which has made Israel its 'guest of honour'. However why bother doing that when there are anti-Zionists and Jews to attack?

Zionist events in Italy don't bother the anti-Semites around Rizzo & Atzmon

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  1. There has been a notice posted about this to a Yahoo Group
    Fwd: Protest in London against Israel's invitation to Turin Book Fai[r]
    10 Apr 2008

    On Monday 31 March over two dozen people picketed the Italian Embassy in London with placards, banners and loudhailers, calling for a oycott of the Turin Book Fair, which has invited Israel as the �guest of honour�.

    all the best AZaAS!


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