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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Wikipedia Faces Calls to Answer Why it Acts as Israel’s Censor

Israel Lifts Gag Order on Capture of 2 Israelis – an Ethiopian and a Bedouin Israeli

On Sunday I wrote about the gag order that Israel had placed on news of the capture, by Hamas, of Averu Mengistu, an Israeli Ethiopian.  What is the Difference Between Gilad Shalit and Avera Mengistu? One is White the other is Black
Mengistu family apartment in Ashkelon
On the Mint Press web site, where Richard Silverstein had broken the story I wrote:

Q. Why won't Hamas announce they captured an Israeli?
A. B/c it isn't true
Q. Does Israel leave only alleged 'blacks' captives?
A. Elhanan Tannenbaum, a white Ashkenazi was Hezbollah captive for over 3 years.
Harvela  If his lips moved he's lying . Much like you Greenstein
KilkulOlam  This gag order can be just another dilution of Silverstein. He has no proof this actually exist. He just says so.  This whole article is full of anti-Israel propaganda in the usual Silverstien tradition. If he truly believes in what he writes about Mengistu.....
Let us hope that KilkulOlam has the honesty to admit he was comprehensively wrong and apologise.
Harvey Garfield, being a friend of every anti-Jewish fascist, has long ago shed every ounce of moral decency, including the ability to discern the truth.
See The Times of Israel 9.7.15. Hamas holding two Israelis hostage in Gaza for months
Mengistu's parents
Of course the Israel right or wrong trolls won’t apologise, not least the fascists’ friend Harvey Garfield, but it shows them, once again, to be the liars they are.

Since the Israeli courts have now lifted the gag order, after an application by Ha’aretz, (whose own role in this affair has been atrocious) it appears that there is a second Israeli captive.  He is an Israeli Bedouin i.e. an Arab god forbid and clearly doesn’t count as a genuine citizen of Israel.  We cannot expect any efforts on the Israeli government’s behalf to get him released.  I mean, he’s not even Jewish!
Avraham Mengistu
The most disgraceful aspect of all is the utter bankruptcy and cowardice of Wikipedia which REMOVED an article on the capture of two Israelis by Hamas, because of the determination of Israeli Wikipedia to preserve their government’s censorship. 

Let us hope that Wikipedia takes a hard look at its role in this affair and ceases bowing to Israeli censorship, including the rewriting and ‘editing’ of articles on Palestine.

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