Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Renouncing the Law of Return

An excellent short video which sums up why Jewish people should openly renounce and forego the privileges associated with the racist Law of Return, which allows them to 'return' to Palestine at any time but denies such a right to those born and brought up there, the indigenous Palestinians.

Tony Greenstein


moses greenbaum said...

There are no "indigenous Palestinians". They come from Egypt and the Hauran. The Jews, on the other hand, are indigenous and aboriginal to Judea and Jerusalem. As President Obama stated today: "Jews are living in their historic homeland." That makes the so-called Palestinians squatters and interlopers.

Tony Greenstein said...

This is, of course, the standard colonial fare of the Zionists. Just as the advocates of Apartheid argued that South Africa had been empty before colonisation, and in much the same way as Australia was 'terra nullis' (an empty land) so Palestine too was bereft of a population.

This is the way of all settlers and therefore, when they engage in genocide and massacres they can comfort themselves with the 'fact' that there was no one to massacre!

The Nazis too considered the lands of the East empty, except for the 'sub-human vermin' who lived there so this nonsense has a long pedigree.

But it is useful to show these idiots up once in a while. As Allan C. Brownfeld writes in the Washington Report on ME Affairs, 'Zionism at 100: The Myth of Palestine as "A Land Without People"

'In fact, Herzl had every reason to understand the Arab population of Palestine, their numbers and their point of view. Prior to the Second Zionist Congress, he sent the student leader Leo Motzkin on a tour of Palestine. One passage in his report includes this statement:

"Completely accurate statistics about the number of inhabitants do not presently exist. One must admit that the density of the population does not give the visitor much cause for cheer. In whole stretches throughout the land one constantly comes across large Arab villages, and it is an established fact that the most fertile areas of our country are occupied by Arabs..."
Protocol of the Second Zionist Congress, Pg. 103).

This is not to say that the Zionists were ignorant of the native population. Eliezer Be’eri, among other scholars, has refuted the myth that Herzl saw Palestine as a
“land without a nation for a nation without a land.”

As Derek Penslar wrote in his article 'Herzl and the Palestinian Arabs: Myth and Counter-Myth'
Journal of Israeli History, 24:1, 65 - 77, 1 March 2005: (pp. 66-7)

'Moreover, there were a few cases of Zionist leaders directly
addressing the Arab question, such as Leo Motzkin’s address at the Second Zionist Congress of 1898, at which he spoke of a Palestinian population of some 650,000,
occupying Palestine’s most fertile lands, or Max Nordau’s speech at the 1905 Congress, when he proposed a Zionist alliance with the Ottoman Empire against what he saw as a destabilizing Arab nationalism. By and large, however, most Zionists denied the Arab presence or refused to consider it seriously, while a small minority nervously kept track
of Jewish–Arab clashes and predicted future, and more serious, confrontations.'

JIH is an official Zionist journal and Penslar is a signed-up Zionist but the facts stand out. Even in 1898, well before the official 2nd Aliyah, the first Aliyah being tiny, there were already estimated to be 2/3 million and probably no more than 10,000 Zionist settlers (if they can be called that since Hebrew Labour wasn't the policy of the first Aliyah).

So we have it from our Zionist propagandist that 2/3 million Arabs do not exist. They are all Egyptians!! And to think there are some who still maintain that Zionism is not racist!

Bristol Red said...

Great film Tony and an excellent response to the first comment. How I'd somehow become "aboriginal" to Judea if I happened to up sticks and move there from Bristol I really don't know; and on reflection I reckon I'll stay put!

moses greenbaum said...

So sorry, but your bloated reply is off topic. I have proven in my statement that the Jews are the indigenous population of the Holy Land, substantiated by President Obama's address to the Jewish nation on Yom Ha'atzmaut. They have lived there since time immemorial. By contrast,the white South Africans were colonialists from Holland and Britain. The so-called Palestinians are Arabs from Egypt and the Hauran. They invaded the Holy Land of Israel under their leader Umar al-Kuttab and established colonial settlements there, stealing the land from the Jews. In his book on A History of Palestine, Ilan Pappe states that Jerusalem had a Jewish presence since 643 BCE and that the number of "Muslims" not Arabs was 450,000 in Palestine in the late 19th C. Please correct your errors.

Tony Greenstein said...

What Greenbaum, the Nakbah denier (the mirror image of the holocaust denier) means by a 'bloated reply' is one which, unlike his own, is substantiated.

Thus he says his assertion that Jews are indigenous to Palestine is proven, because as far as he is concerned, assertion is proof of something whereas substantiation is merely 'bloated'.

What he can't come to grips with is that at the 2nd Zionist Congress, a report commissioned by Herzl himself reported that 2/3 million of these non-indigenous Palestinians were living there before the Zionists began immigrating there!

Such is the logic of Zionists.

And, mark you, his assertions have been 'substantiated' by no less than Obummah himself! I wasn't aware that the US President was a distinguished historian, but no matter, we'll let that one pass. Licking peoples' arses for so long has led them to believe said regions contain their brains.

Yes colonists from Holland and Britain (& also other countries) were colonists BUT, and I don't know whether Greenbaum can understand this, they claimed, just like the Zionists to be indigenous!

So there is no point repeating that 'The so-called Palestinians are Arabs from Egypt and the Hauran.' when I've just quoted a Zionist spokesman, Leon Motzkin, to the opposite effect. Note how when faced with incontrovertible facts, Greenbum simply ignores them!

No doubt Jews did live in Palestine in small numbers since 600 AD, but so what? It wasn't a political presence, it wasn't a racial continuity either, it was what one expects from the extreme orthodox. That is why when the Zionists went to Palestine their most vociferous opponents were what Chaim Weizmann described as the 'old Yishuv', i.e. the very Jews the Zionists use to claim their right to an ancestral claim on the land.

Greenbaum says that Jews have lived their 'from time immemorial'. Strange, that a book of that name 'From Time Immemorial' by Joan Peters, was brought out in the early 1980's making just such claims. It was later shown, by NOrman Finkelstine, Albert Hourani and all historians of note, including Israeli and Zionist ones to be a 'worthless forgery' in the words of one. It fiddled the statistics or didn't understand them.

What I do know is that despite Zionist claims to being there since time immemorial, when Jews fled the Russian pogroms, some 2.5 million went to the USA and not even 2% of that number went to Palestine. That shows the real nature of any Jewish affinity to Palestine.

Unsurprising really since most European jews were descended from the Khazars who lived between the Black and Caspian seas whereas the descendants of the Hebrews were... the Palestinians!!

So Mr racist Greenbaum - anymore unbloated arguments?