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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Jewish Chronicle 'mistakes' English Defence League for Sussex Friends of Israel

What's the Difference Between Jewish and non-Jewish Racists?   

Cobbs giving a good impression of a wild animal
It was an easy mistake to make.  After all both Sussex Friends of Israel and the English Defence League are outright racists, with  the SFI organiser, Simon Cobbs, having already been caught working with the neo-Nazi Jewish Defence League.
Cobbs Looking Non-Too Pleased
The Jewish Chronicle published an interview with several members of the EDL, having mistaken them for members of Sussex Friends of Israel. Both groups were strutting around central London this weekend draped in Israeli flags, so it was an easy mistake to make.
The reporter in question made the following statement on realising his mistake almost 24 hours after going to print: “If I’m honest, which I suppose I may as well be now, we were only really interested in talking about Israel, we didn’t ask them anything about Judaism, and all of their answers were pretty much what I expected. No one realised my mistake until about mid day today when it became apparent that all of Sussex Friends of Israel had been having lunch with Stephen Pollard on Saturday.”
Jonathan Hoffman -  Vice Chair of Zionist Federation Dances Down Street with JDL's Roberta Moore - Hoffman mixed it with other neo-Nazis
The journalist, Noam Klein, had intended to interview the group at a demo outside the Qatari embassy on Sunday. But when he stumbled across the Star-of-David caped crusaders demonstrating against ‘creeping Islamism’ in Westminster on Saturday, he figured he had got his dates wrong.
The demonstrators were more than happy to offer an opinion on Israel’s recent operation in Gaza saying ‘We support Israel’s right to defend itself against its Islamic enemies. It is on the front line in the war against Jihad and a shining example of how racism can be implemented at all levels of government and society. Klein did admit some concern over the last bit of that quote, but having heard a speaker at the last SFI rally in Brighton bang on about the name ‘Mohammed’ for 5 minutes, he thought they were just trying out some new honesty.
EDL - strong supporters of Israel
Simon Cobbs, the founder of Sussex Friends, declined to comment and called us anti Semitic for asking. Fortunately it is unlikely the two groups will ever really be friends, as they always show up to parties wearing the same thing.
English Defence League
So Noam Klein admits that the EDL were giving Israel as a “shining example of how racism can be implemented at all levels of government and societybut that didn’t deter him since SFI were equally racist at a rally he attended.  As Private Eye used to say, you couldn’t  make it up!

Originally posted on the Jewdas site

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